Invitation to the XIV Spanish Biometric Conference 2013

Elvira Delgado Márquez, MSc in Applied Statistics, BSc in Computer Engineering and BSc in Statistics (University of Granada) is a PhD student at the University of Castilla-La Mancha where she works with Professor López Fidalgo and Dr. Amo Salas. Her area of expertise is Optimum Experimental Designs.Contact Elvira 

The term “Biometry” has been used to refer to the field of development of statistical and mathematical methods applicable to data analysis problems in the biological sciences. Statistical methods for the analysis of data from agricultural field experiments to compare the yields of different varieties of wheat, for the analysis of data from human clinical trials evaluating the relative effectiveness of competing therapies for disease, or for the analysis of data from environmental studies on the effects of air or water pollution on the appearance of human disease in a region or country are all examples of problems that would fall under the umbrella of “Biometrics” as the term has been historically used.

Recently, the term “Biometrics” has also been used to refer to the emerging field of technology devoted to identification of individuals using biological traits, such as those based on retinal or iris scanning, fingerprints, or face recognition. Neither the journal “Biometrics” nor the International Biometric Society areengaged in research, marketing, or reporting related to this technology. Likewise, the editors and staff of the journal are not knowledgeable in this area.

On behalf of the Spanish Biometric Society, the area of Statistics and Operations Research at the University of Castilla – La Mancha welcomes the celebration of the XIV Spanish Biometric Conference – 2013 that will be held in Ciudad Real (Spain), from the 22nd to the 24th of May, 2013.

Full information can be found at the Conference´s website  as well as contacting the following e-mail address:

We invite scholars willing to promote de development and application of the mathematical and statistical methods in the areas of Biology, Medicine, Psychology, Pharmacology, Agriculture, Bioinformatics and other areas related to life sciences, to come to Ciudad Real and participate in the presentation of the latest results in these areas.

Furthermore, the Biometrical Journal (edited in cooperation with the German and the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society), indexed in Journal Citation Reports (JCR), will publish a special issue with a selection of the papers presented at the conference.

We remain at your disposal and we look forward to welcoming you in Ciudad Real very soon.

Elvira Delgado on behalf of the organizing committee.


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