Interview with…Natàlia Adell Calvet

Natàlia AdellNatàlia Adell is a graduate in Statistics from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. She also has a master´s degree in Statistical and Operations Resarch from the same University. She worked in KantarMedia and in the Statistical Service of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. At present, she works in the Statistical Assessment Unit of the Research Technical Services of the University of Girona.

Contact Natalia

+34 680778844

1. Why do you like Biostatistics?

Because I like applied Statistics and if you can contribute to a good cause such as decreasing the number of illnesses, you will have all the right ingredients for good science.

2. Could you give us some insight in the work you develop at the Statistical Assessment Unit of the UdG´s Research Technical Services?

My main perception is that people need statisticians to help with a part of their research, studies… Statistics is a science that other scientists need and the Statistical Assessment Unit tries to provide it.

3. What were the main difficulties you found when setting up the unit?

The main difficulty was getting started. We had to organise the unit, establish all the procedures, and also let the community know about us. The most important thing I had was the support of all the people around me, who helped every time I needed it (and still do).

4. Is it possible to combine consultancy/advice and research?

Well, in our case, we dedicate ourselves just to the consultancy and giving advice because doing research is not the aim of the Statistical Assessment Unit. But it might be possible to combine both, because some doubts arise from research, and some questions need a research approach so they can be related.

5. What do you think of the situation of young biostatisticians in Spain?

I think  biostatisticians usually work alone, without the support of other statisticians and, in my opinion, it would be interesting to share knowledge with other biostatisticians. So I hope that BioStatNet and FreshBiostats will allow that! 🙂

6. What would be the 3 main characteristics or skills you would use to describe a good biostatistician?

Listening, communicating and having a deep knowledge of Statistics. If you have these three characteristics, you can be a good biostatistician.

7. What do you think are the main qualities of a good mentor?

I think the most important skill is to be organised, knowing the steps you need to take to achieve your goal.  Explaining difficult technics in a clear way will also be appreciated.

8. Finally, is there any topic you would like to see covered in the blog?

Sample size could be a theme of interest!

Selected publications:

  • Adell, N., Puig P., Rojas-Olivares, A., Caja, G., Carné, S. and Salama, A.A.K. A bivariate model for retinal image identification. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture. 2012; 87: 108-112. Epub 2012 June.
  • M. A. Rojas-Olivares, G. Caja, S. Carné, A. A. K. Salama, N. Adell, and P.Puig. Determining the optimal age for recording the retinal vascular pattern image of lambs.  Journal of Animal Science. 2012; 90 (3): 1040-6. Epub 2011 Nov 7.
  • Rojas-Olivares M.A., Caja G., Carné S., Salama A.A.K., Adell N., Puig P. Retinal image recognition for verifying the identity of fattening and replacement lambs. Journal of Animal Science. 2011; 89 (8): 2603-13. Epub 2011 Feb 4.
  • Martínez-Vilalta J, López BC, Adell N, Badiella L & Ninyerola M (2008). Twentieth century increase of Scots pine radial growth in NE Spain shows strong climate interactions. Global change biology. 2008; 14, nº 12: 2868-2881.

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