Interview with…Moisés Gómez Mateu


Moisés Gómez Mateu is a PhD student at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) where he works as research assistant. 

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1. Why do you like Biostatistics?

I have been very curious since I was a child; that’s why I like statistics. Moreover, statistics related to biology and medicine allows helping people to improve their quality of life.

 2. Could you give us some insight in your current field of research?

I focus my thesis on survival analysis, especially on the issue of composite endpoints in clinical trials. The main aim is to analyze what is the best primary endpoint to use, extend the statistical theory, and make practical tools available to researchers by means of a library in R, an on-line platform, etc.

3. Did you find it difficult to move from the private sector to the University?

No. In fact, I left my job as a consultant in a marketing research company to study the MSc Statistics at the UPC, and I think it was a very good decision.

 4. Which are, in your opinion, the main advantages of being a researcher?

It is very satisfactory. The results you get or the research you conduct have nothing to do with the private sector. One usually investigates issues that are related to thing you like and to help improving science in general, not only to earn money.

 5. What do you think of the situation of young biostatisticians in Spain?

The reality is that several colleagues and friends are working-studying abroad or looking for opportunities …

6. What would be the 3 main characteristics or skills you would use to describe a good biostatistician?

 Curiosity, Analytical skills and Creativity.

 7. Which do you think are the main qualities of a good mentor?

Expertise, Modesty and Open-mindedness.

Selected publications:

  • Gómez G, Gómez-Mateu M, Dafni U. Informed Choice of Composite Endpoints in Cardiovascular Trials.Submitted.
  • Gómez G, Gómez-Mateu M. The Asymptotic Relative Efficiency and the ratio of sample sizes when testing two different null hypotheses. Submitted.

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