Sharing statistical analysis and results through web applications

I have to admit I am not completely comfortable with the RStudio IDE yet. However, RStudio projects are of great interest, and the new package Shiny – released last November- is no exception.

Shiny allows you to build web applications in R, so anyone might be able to access your analysis results through an interactive web browser interface. As they state in their website “…your users choose input parameters using friendly controls like sliders, drop-downs, and text fields. Easily incorporate any number of outputs like plots, tables, and summaries..”

The application is structured in two components: a user interface script named ui.R  and a server script – server.R. The first one deals with the input and output format, the second one contains the code to run the analysis.

I made a quick trial following the tutorial and my (very simple) web app was ready in no time. It is based on some of the examples of the SNPassoc vignette, an R package designed to perform genetic association studies. In this application, you can check the summary for a small set of SNPs and get both a plot showing the frequencies and the results of the association study for a given SNP.

By using Shiny, you can run your applications locally or share them with other users so they can run the applications in their own computers. There are several options to distribute your apps, you can check all of them here. In this case, the app can be accessed through the GitHub Git repository. Once the Shiny package is installed (along with the SNPassoc package used in this example) you just have to run the following code:

shiny:: runGist('4e5e618431a59abe692b')

In my opinion this tool has great potential for sharing analysis results through an interactive and friendly interface.  It might replace files containing a lot of graphics and tables while saving time both to the data analyst and the end user. Have you tried it? Do you want to share your apps with us?

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