FreshBiostats´ First Anniversary

So here we are. It has been a year since we started this venture. The idea of a blog came up from one of our co-bloggers at the Jede II Conference in the summer of 2012.  At first it sounded like a bit of a challenge, but who said fear?

No doubt about it, the balance has been highly positive. We are all for sharing knowledge and resources that might be valuable for others, and from our humble perspective we sincerely hope it might have been of some use. It has certainly been so for us, both by getting insight into particular subjects when writing the different posts and by diving into new topics covered by our co-bloggers and invited posts. Twitter and facebook have also allowed us to encourage interaction with colleagues and other bloggers, and we can now say our social and professional networks have certainly become bigger and stronger!

We have found it difficult at times to juggle our jobs and PhDs with writing our weekly posts but as we said in several occasions, we are passionate about our work, and firmly believe that, most of the time, the line between work and fun gets blurry.

As we promised in a previous post, here is an infographic summarising this year of Fun & Biostatistics, enjoy!


We have a very international audience with visits coming from 117 countries, and we are delighted to see that not only colleagues from our closest network are reading our entries. Since our participation on the International Statistics Year blog -Statistics2013- and after being mentioned in other blogs such as RBloggers and others, we have gained more visibility and some posts have become very popular (more than 1000 views for some!).

Those posts focusing on R tips clearly take the cake, being the most visited. We guess they might be the most useful ones, as we are also big fans of other very practical blogs. However we like to cover all the aspects of our profession and even sometimes deal with more controversial or philosophical subjects…

We will keep inviting people to share their knowledge and will encourage colleagues to get involved in the blog. Our second year resolution is to make an effort to make of this blog a more interactive tool. We count on you for that!

Remember you can contact us with your comments, suggestions, and enquiries at freshbiostats@gmail.com

Thank you so much for being there!


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